Meet Hilary

In short, it looks a lot like my life! And I give thanks to God and to my beautiful couples each and every day.

I’ve had a camera in my hand for over half of my life. How crazy is that? The fact that a passion I loved as a kid is now what I do for a living is a dream come true. Why am I so passionate about capturing photos for my couples? It all comes down to what I believe in.
I believe in capturing photos of you as you are and your love story as it is. I believe you deserve photos that will stand the test of time – and photos that can take you back in time! Most importantly, I believe in showing up for you and being the supportive, caring sidekick you deserve during your wedding.

It looks like one non-stop adventure.

It looks like pursuing my passion.

It looks like love captured again and again, each and every wedding celebration so special and unique. 

What does living the dream look like?


Hilary is SO sweet, so willing to meet and go beyond your needs, and brings surprising features to the shoot that just make it so fun and hard to forget!

I grew up on a dairy farm and started driving golf carts in first grade. Best childhood ever! It must be why I’ve always felt at my best adventuring, traveling, and just being outdoors (hence the roof top tent on my 4 Runner, so I can easily set up camp anywhere!).

When I’m not out golfing, scuba diving, free diving, skydiving, indoor rock climbing, camping or backpacking, then I’m home cuddling and spoiling my two adorable dogs. Or, obviously, I’m taking photos, editing photos, learning alllll things photography. I started in photography because I was obsessed with the beauty and power of photography, but even more so, I loved how I was able to stop time and make people feel their absolute best. That’s why I do what I do! And Jesus is at the center of my business and life.

It’s my job to fall in love again and again with couples’ stories and their unconditional commitment to each other. How’d I get so lucky? Best job in the world!

How did this dream get started?