The Experience

All I want you to know is that on your dream day I’ve got your back no matter what. I’ll be there to preserve your love, document your celebration and capture your magic in a REAL way.

Large wedding, micro wedding, intimate wedding, elopement, just make it YOURS. 

Just think about the experience you want to have and what memories you want to be able to look back on. It really is that simple!

Consider yourselves free to create any wedding day you can dream up. Give your love permission to express itself in any form of celebration. Your connection is all that matters. So hold tight to your vision and get married exactly how you want!

There are no rules. ⠀

The Top rule for
weddings and elopements

Ready for it? Here it is!


I had an amazing experience with Hilary Photo! Hilary helped with planning and I felt like I had a good friend helping me capture my amazing day. We were creating memories, sharing laughs, and celebrating love together.

I honestly don't believe that any couples are awkward in front of the camera! It's usually just nerves and it's my job to help you feel comfortable and shake it off! I give you prompts, not poses. I like to get you moving around and feeling like yourself! I’m also just going to let you have fun and show off your real personalities in photos.

Bump hips as you walk towards the camera, spin each other around and around! It might feel silly, but it’s all to break the ice, make you naturally laugh, relax, and enjoy your experience. When you go along with it and let go, we'll fill your gallery with fun and natural photos!

First, being awkward and stiff in front of the camera

fear number one

When you have all this freedom and the rules and formulas for weddings are gone, what do you do? Please, please, let this be the least of your worries. I’ve got comprehensive wedding and elopement guides that go into every detail from timelines and vendor recommendations to any planning needs you might have. I’ve got blogs on every subject you could imagine: elopement advice, tips for picking florals, deciding on a first look, how to incorporate your dog, and on and on.

Any question you might have, I can be your resource. All you need to do is hold your vision steady and I’ll help you bring it to life.

Second, not knowing how to make your dream day a reality

fear number two



What do you think? Are you breathing a little freer? I hope this helps and anything else you might need just…

In my experience, I’ve seen a few fears come up again and again. I want to take the time to help ease your worries and let you know that it’s all going to be OK (better than OK, actually. It’s going to be amazing!). I also want you to know that I’m right there with you.

We’re all in this together. We’re ALL human. Let’s tackle these concerns together.

Let’s talk about fears