Los Angeles and Southern California Elopement and Wedding Photographer

And I can tell your story as it is.

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this. Quit the comparisons and forget the traditions that don’t mean anything to you. You get to focus on what feels right to YOU!

You know your love better than anyone else. So you should have a day that represents it perfectly. You get to celebrate your love as it is.

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There are only 3 things you need to know when it comes to your wedding day celebration. Ready?

No phony poses, no filters, nothing inauthentic. Just YOU.

Your story As it is


"Hilary not only takes the most magical photos, but she is professional and responsive! We will enjoy [these photos] for a lifetime! Hilary is eager to help you feel confident and natural during your time together. She is great at helping direct you during the photo shoot to ensure capturing wonderful photos that mirror your unique relationship and love story." 

To capture the magic of your love and help you hold onto it forever.

Fun, interactive and warm to help you not only feel comfortable but look amazing.

You-centric, specializing in natural light and those dreamy, in-betweeny, authentically you moments.

Free diving in Vava'u, Tonga with a mother humpback whale and calf.

The outdoors! Or HomeGoods. It’s a 50/50 chance.

Matcha latte

Coffee shop order

Most likely found in

Currently dreaming about

Photography style

Session style

My passion

Rapid fire get to know your photographer

Let’s play a round of…..

Are you soft spoken and shy or rowdy and love cracking jokes? Ocean or mountains? Coffee or tea? I take the time to figure out what makes you tick because that’s what’s going to bring out the best in your experience and your photos.

You are beautiful and singular. While my style of photography stays consistent, the photos and the experience adapt to your love. That’s why I put so much effort into getting to know you.

All I want is for you to be yourselves. Just be you and all I have to do is document the magic.

You’ve got the magic, I just photograph it


"Hilary is a PHENOMENAL photographer! Her talent and skills are unparalleled. She’s so natural and easy to work with. She will make you feel completely comfortable so your pictures will turn out perfectly! She is as nice and kind and she is talented. You can’t go wrong choosing her. I cherish the photos we have from her."

overflowing with joy and laughter.

You deserve a stress free day overflowing with joy and laughter.

You are worthy of photos that are glowing, stunning, and just OMG worthy!!

You earned the freedom to be present through every emotion in every moment.

It’s my “job” and my privilege to turn those moments into memories that you’ll hold forever! You get to enjoy your day without a worry while I capture your carefree moments and unfiltered joy. Leave the work up to me!
The warm experience and timeless images I provide will ensure that you remember exactly how in love you feel, in this exact moment of your life.

I want you to have it ALL